Indonesia is now attracting investors from the locals and across the globe. The new hotspot sectors in Indonesiafor the investors are the Insurance sector and technologies sector. With the revolutionizing of the technology industry, millions of people in Indonesia are showing the change in behavioural trend. Lifepal is changing the scenario of insurance in the country.

The world is suffering from the pandemic today and so Indonesia. But the insurance industry has got benefited most from this pandemic, thanks to the highly aware consumers about their life and health risks.Munich Re Economic Research shows in their study that the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of Indonesia’s growth in Health and Life Premiumwould be 9.1% from 2019 to 2030. That means Indonesia might lead the growth of the Health and Life Premium insurance sector.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the growth in the premium of life insurance has increased better than the last year.A study chart released by indicates that the growth in income of the insurance premium in June 2020 is more than last year June 2019.

Despite these fascinating figures, Indonesian customers couldn’t buy insurances that easily because of the lack of transparency and proper guidance. Many times the insurance agents themselves are not educated enough about the policies of insurance, which makes the customers very inconvenient while purchasing the suitable insurance. Not only that, insurance agents are not allowed to sell more than one brand or company. Furthermore, they do not attend the customers after the selling of insurance. And if a customer turns out more educated and advanced than the insurance agent, then the situation becomesgrimmer. Buying a proper insurance policy is something for Indonesian customers.

Thanks to lifepal, a trusted financial advisor, these problems are checked. Withthe help of technical support and policy reviews, you can narrow down your suitable insurance from a large selection of policies in the country. Not only this, you will be properly assisted before and after the purchase of insurance. With the lifepal technology of AI, it studies the data ofits millions of visitor and analyses their needs, budget and requirement, then accordingly it matches with the most relevant insurance policy.

Talking some more about customer concentratedan insurance marketplace, lifepalgained the trust of people. They see on average4 million visitors in a month, around 1 million people follow on social media, 50 insurance companies come with more than 200 types of products like automotive, life, health, employee benefits, etc. By seeing the size of inventory of policies, online visitors and registered users, one can saywithout any doubt thatlifepal is country’s the biggest insurance marketplace.

Lifepal has made insurance purchasing much simpler and customer friendly. It is, therefore, one of the most promising and advanced companies in the country. In this adverse time, lifepal is truly providing great help to the common people, who are looking forsuitable insurance.